Safety for Responsible Results

To run a safe operation is not only the responsible way, it's also always less costly than an unsafe operation. And done the right way, it will also generate higher sales.

Minimum (regulatory) standards can be achieved with good policies, rules, guidelines, some training and policing the system – a tick the box type of program.

World class standards is based on behavior, culture, engagement and expression of real care. A truly rewarding leadership challenge, where safety becomes a companywide recognized value.

The Bradley Curve is the best representation of the link between behaviors, culture and responsible results.

Most organizations are in fact in the dependent stage, but believing themselves to be more to the right.

We will establish a roadmap for our clients to move from ok to very good and to world class. It is not rocket science, and progress will be measured thru both leading and lagging KPI's. The implementation of these are a part of the journey.


Safety for Results

 Safety for Results

 Safety Check-up
 Safety Check-up


World class safety means a TIR (OSHA) of less than 0.2. But it is also: 

  • the right thing to do,
  • and will improve the cousins; quality and reliability,
  • and will attract and retain the best people,
  • and will definitely reduce cost.

Bad safety can of course hurt sales, and good safety will improve sales, especially for B2B companies with a service component.

As serious as safety is, sometimes it can be good smiling at horrendous behavior: