Business to Business Service

Almost all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), or system/solutions providers can boost their profitability thru untapped service business.

The key to this is knowledge about the installed base, service product development with focus on customer value, and a dedicated service sales force. The standard mistake is to utilize the same people for service business as for the product or system business.

Organizations completely dedicated to B2B Service can often increase sales and profitability by re-thinking the business model used, and/or upgrading their sales force using more of value selling.

All people are not service minded. Not even people having server as their job-title, which we all know from bad restaurant experiences.

So why think that all people in any organization are service minded? They are not, but can still be contributing hard working people, just not in that capacity.

Beyond the individuals, any good service organization has developed a service culture. In this culture every customer is met with a genuine willingness to go out of the way to create value.

Every company is unique in how it adopts its service strategy, but if ever leadership is a determining factor for success, it is in the service business. This is where the best people need to be.

RRR Consulting has extensive expertise and experience in the service business. We can assist from development to full implementation of a client’s service strategy, conduct a study including benchmarking of the existing service business with explicit proposals for improvement, or just assist sorting out a specific problem, or provide needed training.