Leadership for Results

We believe and work around the four generally accepted elements of leadership; Vision/Strategy, Architect/Organization, Mobilization/Motivation, and Doer. However, we take a quite stringent view on these from a result perspective, and the two factors that decide your bottom line; sales and cost.

How is sales and cost included in a meaningful way in the company’s vision, mission and strategy?

In the organization and how resources are allocated? Impact of results in the balance score card, and does the incitement programs really drive results?

The leader as a doer is central. What hands on activities from the leader drives sales up and cost down?

For individual leaders we have developed a coaching program; Executive Coaching for Results, which also can be applied in a modified version for e.g. a management team.

In other situations we are happy to discuss around the needs of the organization, from major companywide culture change programs, to smaller departmental consultative engagements.