About us

Mats Pousette, owner and skipper of Ariadne af ResöAs a CEO for many years, working in Czech Republic, US, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa and Oman to mention a few countries, it has always irritated me how the normal consultant came in and charged big dollars for average or below results. Promised the world, but just never ever delivered to that expectation.

Now when I’m a consultant myself, it is clear that there is another way. It is actually easy; the customer pays depending on the perceived value and results that was created. With some framework, yes, and if some objective and quality measured KPI’s even better, but one got to trust one’s customer. It will for sure drive the consultants’ performance.

Suppliers ask customers to trust them every day, maybe trusting your customer is a good and better start of a relationship?                                                                                                                                

So the first R in our name, is for Results. The other two are for Respect and Responsibility. They are derived from my passion for safety and integrity, and the true values behind. And I believe that the three are interlinked.

Good results without respect and responsibility are short-lived, and in any case not very personally satisfactory.

In RRR Consulting we believe that respect and responsibility is both a foundation on which you create great and lasting results – feeling really good while at it – but also a means of creating real value.

And we also believe in sailing.

Praha June 2015

Magnus Pousette
Managing Partner